Voy / 2018

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The album is fed by multiple influences of Cuban culture. The starting point is the cultural diversity project “Para Mestizar” (“Cuba Melting Pot”), conceived in the previous album of Eme. The main focus are the arrangements of the songs, as each one touches closely the world’s music and is orchestrated with a rich variety of rhythms and percussions. In the album there is space for creativity and Eme uses all her experience to compose with freedom. This album is a personal and cultural journey.

Eme manages to attract attention by highlighting the musical heritage she received from his family, Síntesis. She experiments once again with novel sounds and traditions rooted in the Yoruba culture, as her father did in the 80s.

The album was recorded in Havana during 2017 and was completed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the Gargolandia studios, under the musical production of Ale Siqueira. This important Brazilian producer has produced more than 100 albums and dozens of artists, including of Carlinhos Brown, Chico Buarque, Omara Portuondo and Mayra Andrade. The mix was made by Siqueira himself and the mastering by Carlos Freitas. Both of them have several awards, including Grammys.

The result is also marked by the interpretive quality of the band that accompanies it and that is consolidated as a base. Jorge Aragón on piano and keyboard, Roberto Luis Gómez on guitar, Alain Ladrón de Guevara on drums, Julio César González on bass, Yaroldi Abreu on Cuban percussion and Luizhino Do Jeje on Brazilian percussion.



A mí que nadie me quite la voz

Porque yo canto desde el corazón

A mí que nadie me enseñó a llorar

Que aprendí yo solo a consolarme

Prendí fuego al aire que respiro

Cuando la suerte no me abría los caminos

Hoy la tierra me bendice a cada paso

Cuando el mar se muestra embravecido

Si la vida no me enseñó

El camino más sencillo

Con mis pies de plomo marco el paso

Por donde he venido


Voy erguido

Voy derecho


Yo voy a trecho

Soy el cielo de tu libertad

Tengo la suerte de los adivinos

Tengo la fuerza de una tempestad

Y hago que el polvo baile como remolino

Yo sé que un día aprenderé a volar

Veré desde lo alto cada desafío

Moveré montañas de lugar

Y cambiaré hasta el curso de los ríos

Si la vida no te enseñó

El camino más sencillo

Con tus pies de plomo marca el paso

Por donde has venido


Voy erguido

Voy derecho


Yo voy a trecho