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Eme Alfonso (Havana, 1986) comes from a renowned family of Cuban musicians. She started her music studies at the age of 7, and 7 years later she started her professional career. She has travelled all around the world as a member of Síntesis, the band with which she was nominated for a Latin Grammy and shared the stage with artists such as Chucho Valdés, Pablo Milanés, Silvio Rodriguez, Omara Portuondo, Fito Paez, Audio Slave, Rick Wakeman and Cool and the Gang.



Born into a musical dynasty, Eme Alfonso first recorded aged seven and is now a solo artist. She studied at ENA (Calle 120, 1110 entre Avenida 9na y 13) and it brings back fond memories. “The landscape, cupolas, labyrinths, ruins – it’s an inspiration for thousands of artists who pass through,” she says. In Habana Vieja, Alfonso loves the artisan… Read more →

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Entrevista en Talent United

Bienvenida Eme a tu casa, a Talentvisión.  de una familia musical, cuéntamos más sobre tus orígenes en el grupo Síntesis, de tu padre Carlos Alfonso, de tu madre Ele, de tu hermano Equis, ganador de un Goya por la banda sonora de la película Habana Blues. El grupo síntesis es un grupo formado en los años 70 una banda vanguardista que… Read more →