Voy / 2018

The album is fed by multiple influences of Cuban culture. The starting point is the cultural diversity project “Para Mestizar” (“Cuba Melting Pot”), conceived in the previous album of Eme. The main focus are the arrangements of the songs, as each one touches closely the world’s music and is orchestrated with a rich variety of rhythms and percussions. In the album there is space for creativity and Eme uses all her experience to compose with freedom. This album is a personal and cultural journey.

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Eme / 2012

Eme shows in this album a new style. Fusion is once again the lei motiv of her work. However, this time she is committed to mix the Cuban music with soul and jazz.

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Señales / 2009

“Señales” is Eme Alfonso’s debut album; she was looking for an experimental sound at the beginning of her music compositions. “Señales” was awarded as “Best fusion album” in 2009 at the Cubadisco Awards and was the starting point of the artist’s career.

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